The Mission


We give creative opportunities to residents and provide a platform for local artists to share their work. We believe in the power of creativity to make a positive impact to the lives of individuals and within the community.

Five key things that guide what we are doing…

  1. Celebrating and supporting Hackney’s arts scene

Through our creative classes, website, social media channels and newsletter, we support and celebrate the artists and creatives that make east London a special place. By providing accessible and affordable arts activity, we allow residents to delve deeper into Hackney’s creative culture and heritage.

  1. Connecting artists with new audiences

Our programme aims to unlock Hackney’s arts and creative scene for those who are curious to find out more. Through our creative classes and our online output we give artists an opportunity to show us what it is they do, giving them a voice and a platform for sharing their work.

  1. Provide creative opportunities that everyone can access

There are many barriers to accessing the arts and exploring individual creativity. We aim to provide residents with an accessible entry point into exploring their creative side with beginner level events that anyone can attend, no experience necessary. A share of our profits is used to provide free arts activity in the borough in collaboration with local charities ensuring broader access opportunities for our classes.

  1. Connecting residents with each other

Our events aim to find new and creative ways for attendees to connect with others. We love anything that sparks a conversation, a debate, or a friendship. We make sure our events are safe and welcoming spaces with no prejudices.

  1. Creating broad, diverse and high-quality programming

Covering the breadth and depth of Hackney’s artistic scene, we aim to cater for all interests and appeal to a broad range of residents. Through our four categories of events; Create, Discover, Perform and Family-Friendly, we aim to offer something for everyone and represent all types of creative activity.