Let’s talk about creativity in the workplace…

Creative thought is key to a productive workplace. Develop your team’s free-thinking approach and transferable creative thought processes.

Shared experiences provide a unique bond amongst colleagues contributing to a supportive and connected company culture.

Learning skills can have a big impact, making employees more open to learning and developing new skills in future.

Workplace wellness is important. Creativity has been proven to reduce anxiety, lower stress and positively affect mental health.

Our classes

We provide creative classes that develop skills, expand imaginations and provide self-expression and relaxation in the workplace. We have a diverse range of classes to choose from and all can be tailored to suit the needs of the group and the space that you have available. We can also arrange a nearby external venue for you.

Street Photography / Still Life Drawing / Herbal Wellbeing / Typographic Murals / Screen-Printing / Tie-Dye / Terrariums / Djembe Drumming / Spoken Word / Floristry / Leather Belt Making / 3D Drawing / Ceramics / Graffiti / Creativity Yoga / Foraging / Creative Writing

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