Tie-Dye Workshop

Saturday 27 January, 2pm

Join artist Lizzie King, the queen of tie-dye, and learn to do it yourself in this workshop. You will leave knowing how to fold, swirl and scrunch your fabric to make amazing patterns and effects. You can choose whether to go totally tropical or more mellow with your colour palette. Great to give as a gift to someone special or keep for yourself. We promise once you start, you will be wanting to dye everything you can get your hands on! Rubber gloves and aprons are provided although accidents can happen so please don’t wear your Sunday best! Dye and protective clothing are included. A pair of socks and t-shirt per person. You’re welcome to bring another t-shirt or pillow case, baby grow, cushion cover or tea towel to dye. Just make sure they are 100% cotton

Lizzie King is an artist, tie-dye enthusiast and prop maker living and working in East London who makes things! Lizzie teaches workshops in schools, at festivals and all over the country and has just published her first book, Tie & Dye, which is full of tie dye projects to try at home.

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