Survival Techniques Workshop

Sunday 15 October, 11am

In this creative workshop you will learn about the ‘Survival Technqiues’ street art project and develop some of your own survival techniques, phrases and reminders that help you to feel good. Using the most personally resonant action or phrase from your list, you will create your own typographic artwork on paper to take home with you. Mural artist Naomi Edmondson will be on hand to give guidance on dynamic lettering and use of colour.

Survival Techniques is a street art project by Naomi that promotes hope and optimism and brings a little light to people having a dark day. The typographic paintings include phrases such as ‘Hide Less, Chat More’, ‘Talk to Someone, Anyone, About Anything’ and ‘Now is the Time’. The project started two years ago as Naomi wrote a list of things that always made her feel a bit better, a reminder of what to do when feeling low.


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