Learn to Code

Saturday 9 June, 11am

A two hour creative workshop exploring what types of artwork can be made with computer code. No coding experience needed, but a willingness to learn some of the fundamentals of computing and accessible and simplified coding languages. The workshop will focus on creating a computer-generated image with code and using interactive inputs to control the outcome. This will be in the form of hand tracking, recording movements and using an array of input sensors.

The workshop is run by artist Jonathan Munro, who has been using computers to explore audience interaction in many of his artworks, most recently showing a collaborative project Interlock and the Barbican Centre. The workshop will use some of the same programming, tools and sensors he has been using for his most recent works, such as open source tools Processing and Arduino.

Attendees need to bring their own laptop along to the class. You will receive an email beforehand telling you the necessary programmes to download. We also have some spare laptops that we can bring along so please get in touch if you don’t have access to one.

Additional dates: Sunday 6 May.

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