The Director and Actor Forum

Saturday 10 February, 10am

Hackney Arts and director Russell Lucas unite again to launch a brand new, innovative, biannual event. The Director and Actor Forum will host and bring together both directors and performers from all backgrounds at any stage of their careers to study contemporary approaches to the professional partnership and to discuss industry expectations.

Using open debate, collaboration and live performance, The Director and Actor Forum will be an unmissable industry event that will seek to take down the walls between the two professions, thus nourishing the skills of each individual and their interaction within the industry.
The first half of the day will be discussion based: dissecting and discovering what each role requires, expects and secretly desires from the other.

Posing the following questions, this workshop will ask:
– What is the actors job?
– What is the directors job?
– Who is ‘in charge’?
– Is there an ideal way to communicate on set?
– How can a director create a safe environment?
– How can both the actor and director adapt to each other?
– What do directors want actors to know?
– What do actors want directors to know?
– How can we collaborate further?
– Who do we serve?

After lunch the directors and actors collaborate on a short piece of text written by a Hackney-born playwright. The workshop completes with an informal performance and debrief. From there the event continues on to a social and networking event at a nearby pub.

Russell works extensively with new theatre and writers and is co-creator of global smash hit Julie Madly Deeply (“Astutely directed by Russell Lucas” **** THE TIMES), commissioned new work from NYC writer Roger Benington, and has recently directed and produced the original series The Theatre Director Interviews, launching in 2018. He is passionate about collaborative art and has delivered many unifying workshops focused on pulling down imagined walls between creative roles.


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