Creativity Yoga

Sunday 12 August, 10.30am

Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.

Have you always yearned for a sense of creativity in your life, but feel there’s no time or don’t know where to start? Take this class with community yoga & meditation teacher Lara Piras, who will be leading a yoga workshop specifically designed to unleash your inner creativity. See more from Lara on @lmjp_yoga.

What to expect:
A one hour, open level yoga class focused on ‘sahaja’ or guided free movement, which will perfectly prep your mind, body and soul for the creativity workshop. All levels are welcome, including complete beginners. Lara ensures all students are catered to and creates a warm, friendly, social space with no judgement.

What to expect:
A one hour workshop guiding you through the creation of a vision board or collage that portrays a visual representation of how you see and feel creativity. Draw pictures, cut out photographs/ words/ phrases, pick a colour theme that to you, represents creativity. All art materials will be provided, and you will take the vision board home to ensure its constantly present as a gentle reminder to be and feel creative.

Additional dates: Saturday 5 May

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