Clay Workshop

Saturday 24 March, 11am

Join us for a hands on, informative session with Annabel Maguire and Bethan Smith from Studio Lune, as they guide you in the basics of pottery. You will learn about how a ceramic studio works and how to work with clay. You will make and decorate your very own mug, which can be collected (or delivered) after it’s been fired.

Studio Lune is a design studio whose work spans the creative industry, but is firmly rooted in the hand-made. They love working with their hands and to engage those who don’t get a chance to do it day to day. They run ‘Clay Day’ workshops from our studio in the iconic Rose Lipman community building in De Beauvoir. These workshops come as both guided and self-directed sessions and seek to encourage learning and exploration, while allowing for a mindful moment to relax and create.

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